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Health plans which we accept:

Step 1. Contact TPA Coordinator of our hospital.

Step 2. Please produce the original medical insurance ID card of the patient provided by the TPA / Insurance company

Step 3. The pre-authorization form has two sections : ​

.First section is to be filled in by the policy holder, furnishing the information like Name of the patient, Age, Sex, Policy number, Card Number, etc., our TPA co-ordinator would help you incase of any difficulty

.Second part is to be filled in by the doctor furnishing the medical information like diagnosis, probable duration of stay in the hospital, approximate cost of the treatment, etc.

Step 4. Kindly furnish all your medical history before you avail your Inpatient treatment to the Medical Officer and TPA coordinator for scrutinizing the pre-authorization form, to get the approval.

Step 5. On receipt of approval / denial intimation from TPA / Insurance the TPA coordinator will update the status of your claim.

Step 6. Submit all the original records of the patient with the TPA coordinator for preparing final bill and submission to the respective TPA / Insurance / Corporate.

Step 7. The Policy holder has to bear the expenses which is not covered under Insurance policy.