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Appeal from HMHS for News and Events
”Rivers themselves do not drink the water they carry; Trees do not eat of the fruits they bear; Clouds do not eat of the rain they produce; so are Riches of the good utilized for the welfare of others.”
From the pages of Sanskrit Subhashitam.
Dear Donors,
At the behest of Jagadguru Sankaracharya. Sri Jayandra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, the Hindu Mission Health Services, a Registered Society, at Nanganallur a suburb of Chennai, has been providing health care with concern to all sections of the community, since 1985 functioning as a non-profit organization.We have grown from the level of a modest “evening dispensary” in 1985, to the present level of moderate health care provider. As we are advancing toward our silver jubilee Year , We THANK all our founders , Patrons, donors and our dedicated medical team to whom We owe our growth.
When we record our modest growth of daily arrival of over 400 outpatients with good number of inpatients getting surgical, dialysis and other medical facilities , achieved over the years, we look back our track records. Our growth was not a smooth and hassle-free one but with full of challenges. Pioneering in providing health care facilities , in a developing suburb with inadequate infrastructural facilities, ill laid roads, resources crunch etc., was an uphill task. But we remained strong enough to meet all such challenges , mainly because of sustained support of our patrons, donors and every one in the line , proving the power behind us was greater then the task.
At the commencement of Silver jubilee year, we rededicate ourself to provide quality healthcare with concern to all.In the age of quality health-care delivery, medical tourism, tele-medicine etc., driven by growing demand for quality health care, we wish to rededicate ourselves with a higher level of missionary Zeal, to provide greater a modern facilities, of course with the main objective of quality health care delivery with concern for the peoples’ affordability, remaining in our heart and soul. As a first step towards our rededication with the advancement of time & with our gaining experience, we feel that it is our duty to update our equipments periodically with latest technology and towards this end we are installing new equipments when ever the need arises.
As usual we are before you for your support by way of donation in cash and kind by sponsoring one or more equipments enabling us to have a leap forward in our health services..
Your Contribution are eligible for tax benefit U/s . 80 (G) of the income Tax Act.
Also our institution has been permitted by the Govt. of India to receive donations in foreign currencies.
Kindly help building a big circle of donors for HMHS, by forwarding this appeal to all your friends and relatives.
B.A. Kodandarama Setty,                                                                       V. Somasundaram
          President                                                                                           Vice.President