"ENT Specialist available for consultation. Daily 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm".Please contact 044 22240668 / 89395 88226 / 73055 40851 for appointment
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Founder’s Day”-free medical camp

A free medical camp was organized on our “Founder’s Day” on 02.12.22 (Friday) at the Pravachana Mandapam of Hindu Colony Pillayar Kovil, Nanganallur. 105 persons participated in the camp. As part of the camp, the following services were offered free of cost:  ECG, Advanced Sugar Test, Doppler Study, Medical Consultation. Free basic medicines were also distributed to the participants.

Second Anniversary of our Founder

The 2nd Anniversary of our Founder “Vaidhya Seva Rathnam '' Sri V Somasundaram was observed in our Hospital Premises on 02.12.2022. Floral tributes were paid to the photo of the Founder by the members of the Management and also the staff members. As part of the observance, a free medical camp was organized at Hindu Colony Pillayar Kovil, in which 105 beneficiaries were extended free medical services.
World Physiotherapy day

World Physiotherapy day was observed in our hospital on September 08th. On that day, a free programme was organized on "back exercises" wherein the participants were given training on doing the back exercises
A dialysis Machine was donated by the Rotary Club

A dialysis Machine was donated by the Rotary Club of Nanganallur to our hospital. It was inaugurated by Mr.Sridhar, Rotary Club District Governor on 6th May 2022. Mr.Suryanarayanan, President, Rotary Club of Nanganallur along with a hosts of Rotarians, Mrs.Usha Krishnamoorthy, Secretary and Mr.V Natarajan, Joint Secretary, Hindu Mission Health Services, Nanganallur were present on the occasion
Free medical camp 30-04-2022

A free medical camp  held under the Chief Minister's Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme" on 30.04.22 at Ganesh Mandali, Nanganallur. 62 persons were benefited by the above camp and as part of the camp, free ECG was taken and free medicines were also distributed to the general public.

CM Scheme free Medical Camp

A free Medical Camp was conducted by our Hospital under the "Chief Minister Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme" at Padavettamman Temple, Pazhavanthangal. Free medical consultation was offered and medicines were distributed to 61 beneficiaries"
Free medical camp - Nangmangalam

Recently a free medical camp was held for the general public in Nangmangalam in tie-up with "Vishwa Hindu Parishad". 103 beneficiaries participated in the camp. Free Medicines were distibuted to the poor and needy people.
Free Medical Camp 17-12-2021

A free Medical Camp was organized under the CM CHIS Scheme by our Hospital on 17.12.21 at the Pravachana Mandapam of Sri Guruvayoorappan Temple, Nanganallur. 63 beneficiaries availed the services of this camp and free medicines were distributed to the poor and needy.
Free Medical Camp under CMCHIS Scheme

A free Medical Camp was held under CMCHIS Scheme on 28.11.21 at Vasantha Mandapam, Dharmalingeswarar Temple, Nanganallur. 53 beneficiaries were offered free Medical Consultation.
A state-of-the-art C-Arm equipment was inaugurated

"A state-of-the-art" C-Arm equipment was inaugurated in our hospital on 22.11.21 as part of Continuous Technology Upgradation process. C-Arms have radiographic capabilities and are primarily used for "Fluoroscopic Intraoperative Imaging during  surgeries and emergency care procedures.
Sri Loganathan, Founder, Navasakthi Baba Thirukovil, Adambakkam being honoured by our Hon. Secretary

Sri Loganathan, Founder, Navasakthi Baba Thirukovil, Adambakkam being honoured by our Hon. Secretary Smt Usha Krishnamoorthy and Joint Secretary Sri V Natarajan.

Maruti EECO" van was donated by "Navasakthi Baba Thirukovil"

A new "Maruti EECO" van was donated by "Navasakthi Baba Thirukovil" Adambakkam to our Hospital. This van is to be used for transporting patients for outside scans and also for free medical camps.
Free Covishield Vaccination Drive

Rotary Club of Nanganallur - Hindu Mission Health Services, Nanganallur sponsored "Free Covishield Vaccination Drive" was inaugurated on 23.08.2021 by Rtn. J Sridhar, District Governor, RID 3232. Hon. Secretary Smt Usha Krishnamoorthy, Joint Secretary Sri V Natarajan and Sri Suryanarayana, President, Rotary Club of Nanganallur and other dignitaries of Rotary Club were present on the Occasion. It has been proposed to administer 500 doses of Covishield to the poor and needy people.
75th independence day celebration

75th Independence Day was Celebrated in our Hospital, with hoisting of our National Flag by Mrs.Usha Krishnamoorthy, Secretary. Mr.V Natarajan, our Joint Secretary was present on the occasion and the celebration was attended by the hospital employees
Rotary Club of Nanganallur presented Clothes and refreshments

Rotary Club of Nanganallur presented Clothes and refreshments to the women employees on the occasion of "Women Empowerment Week". Mr.Suryanarayanan, President of the Club distributed the materials to them. Mrs.Usha Krishnamoorthy, Secretary &   Mr Natarajan, Joint Secretary were present on the occasion along with a host of Rotary Club Office bearers and women employees of Hindu Mission Health Services.
Foundation for CSR @ Redington

"Foundation for CSR @ Redington" donated 6 Patient Monitors to our hospital
HR Training on Attitude Finetuning

HR Training on "Attitude Finetuning" being imparted to all the employees of the Hospital by Mrs.Umamaheswari, Corporate Trainer, as part of the Staff Welfare Measures of our Management.

Free Medical Camp 28-02-2021

A Free Medical Camp was held at Vasantha Mandapam, Dharmalingeswarar Kovil, Nanganallur on 28.02.21. Around 65 patients were benefited by the camp. Medicines were distributed free of cost to all the beneficiaries.
Riddhi Remedies, Baroda, Gujarat donated 200 nos. of PPE Kits to our Hospital.

"Riddhi Remedies, Baroda, Gujarat donated 200 nos. of PPE Kits to our Hospital. We thank them and appreciate their timely help during the hour of this crisis.
Basic Life Support Training (BLS)

BLS training was given as part of on-going  knowledge enrichment sessions to various categories of employees of our hospital on 14.3.20. Mrs.Manimozhi, Senior Medical Officer conducted the training sessions in which around 50 employees participated. Live demo sessions on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) were  given to the employees, as part of Code Blue process. 

CPR Training : 02-03-2020

A practical training program on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), which is a crucial lifesaving method was conducted for all the employees of our hospital by a team of CPR experts from Apollo Specialty Hospital, Chennai on 04.03.20. The employees were given explained about the methodology of the procedure and also asked to give a demo on how the process is to be done.






C.M. Scheme Special Medical Camp : 24-02-2020

As part of the 72 Birthday Celebrations of Late Selvi Jayalalitha, Former Chief Minster of Tamilnadu, a free medical camp was organized for the inmates of an old age home run by Swarna Deep Trust, Pallavaram, Chennai. The inmates were mostly destitutes and abandoned women. Various medical tests, including ECG were taken for the inmates and free doctor consultation was also offered. A team of doctors and para-medical professionals rendered selfless service to these inmates. Detailed photographs of the camp can be viewed in our "Photo Gallery" section of our website.

Medical Camp at Vedhapada Salai – Madipakkam Chennai

As part of the Jayanthi celebrations of Jagathguru Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, a free medical camp was organized for the inmates of the Vedhapada Salai run by Sri Thrayee Vidhya Gurukulam, Madipakkam, Chennai on 20.02.2020. Doctor consultation was offered for around 20 boys from the age group of 6 to 18. Blood tests were done and free chest X-rays were also taken at the hospital. De-worming drugs were distributed free of cost to the boys. Apart from these inmates, free doctor consultation was also offered to nearly 10 teachers and the caretakers of the vedha school. 


Training : 15-02-2020

We at HMHS always believe in empowering the employees through continuous training. As part of the on-going HR process, a “Motivational Training Program” was conducted to the nursing staff on 15.02.2020 by Mr.V J Ashok, Manager, Operations. All the nurses participated with interest and enthusiasm. 


Kidneys remove waste products from the blood and thereby help regulate the fluid and electrolytes levels in the system. If the kidneys do not work properly, unwanted waste gets accumulated in the bloodstream, which if unremoved can lead to dangerous consequences. Hemodialysis is a process through which the waste is filtered artificially by means of a machine with special filters. Under this process, the blood is made to circulate outside the body and after removal of the toxins, the filtered blood returns to the patient’s system through another catheter. In other words, hemodialysis works like an artificial kidney.

Recently, a 7-bed Hemodialysis ward has been commissioned at Vijayendrar Block of Hindu Mission Health Services, Nanganallur with state of art equipments offering dialysis service at very affordable costs, (besides carrying out the process free of cost, for government beneficiaries). Dialysis is being performed under proper medical care, in a completely airconditioned room, keeping in mind patients’ comfort. The comfortable beds and the personal care extended by doctors and qualified technicians make the dialysis process absolutely patient friendly.

Free General Camp : 26-01-2020

Mudichur Village (PIN-600048)
Free Medical Camp : 21-01-2020

vasantha mandabam, Nanganallur
Diabetic camp : 21-12-2019

Ganesh Mandali,  Nanganallur
Diabetic Camp 16-11-2019

Voltas colony, Nanganallur.

Free General Camp - 28-07-2019

Free General Camp  
Date : 28.07.2019 (9AM to 3PM) 
Place :LAkshmi Nagar- Mudichur
Participation : 182

sri sankara vijayendra saraswati swamigal building (17-04-2019)